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AmericansBitcoin Network        6

The beginner’s reality        6

Innovation for the experienced trader        7

Solutions for merchants and consumers        8

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Order Types        10

Cryptocurrency rental        10

Leverage        11

SyncTrader        11

Assistants        12

Virtual Trader        12

Open Banking        13

KYC / AML (know your client / anti money laundering)        13

Differentiated commission amount        13

Social network        14

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Vitrine        17

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Cryptoversity        19

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Community evaluation        19

Smart Contracts        20

Difficulty: the need for programming        20

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Contract market        21

International credit card        22

Community opinion        22

Policy for adding new currencies and functionalities        22

Forks and airdrops policy        22

Smart indication plan        23

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Cold wallet fund storage        24

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At the end of 2017, the world saw the Bitcoin hit a record high and this aroused the interest of a portion of the population that until then did not even know that such currency existed. In Brazil, it was not different. Along with a number of traders, there were also a number of new Exchanges that open to meet the demand of a country where the number of investors in cryptocurrencies surpassed the investors in the stock exchange or in the Treasury direct[1].

However, despite the emergence of other products related to this market, such as payment systems, in general, this sector has not been innovative in Brazil. More comprehensive and integrated solutions are an unexplored possibility.

The cryptocurrencies significantly change the way we know the business world and the business transactions nowadays. We must agree that this holds a great potential for transforming the society by being deeper than the pure trading market .

However, it is not to say that the trading market should be disregarded; on the contrary, its importance is such that it has given visibility and has brought the cryptocurrencies to the knowledge of the general public with its possibility of differentiated gains.

The market seems to be the gateway to the world of cryptocurrencies and it is open to very different profiles. At one end there is the experienced negotiator with complex strategies, seeking advanced features and varied portfolio; at the other end, there is the casual investor, who just wants to "buy bitcoins" in the simplest possible way and hope that their value rises.

We can take either advantage of this gateway and offer to those who go through it an integration to a complete ecosystem or as we approach in this project, inclusion on a network of people and complementary services.


To be a worldwide reference in cryptocurrencies, presenting the best solutions, connecting people around the world, making the cryptocurrencies reach the daily life of all of them.


To offer services of friendly and safe digital currencies, therefore bringing more people to the new cryptocurrency economy and offering innovations to those who already use them.


Focus on user satisfaction, reliability, agility, transparency, collaboration, innovation and appreciation of human relations.

Disclaimer of Liability

Despite adopting the currency nomenclature, this document hereto does not constitute an offer of securities or a collective investment request of any kind, in accordance with Brazilian law.

By taking part in the token generation event described herein, the participant agrees to the contents of the documents accessible on 

We recommend that all participants read this document carefully in its entirety in order to assess the risks according to their personal premises.

AmericansBitcoin Network

The AmericansBitcoin network unites platforms for social network, payments, smart contracts, cryptocurrency universities as well as an exchange with advanced features.

We understand that the synergy amongst these platforms, when integrated, adds them a value greater than the simple sum of the parts,  creating a revolutionary ecosystem in which people invest, negotiate, pay, receive, get information and learn about cryptocurrencies as well as use services of the underlying technology.

Focusing not on the product itself, but on people, the network meets the need for several profiles, such as:

The beginner’s reality

These people have heard about cryptocurrencies and wish to "try their luck" by investing in them. We use this term “try their luck” because it is known that without a certain level of investment knowledge, cryptocurrencies are a disadvantage for this profile.

Here we have a subdivision of the public: investors and beginning traders, remembering that the investor aims to purchase cryptocurrencies as an investment (and possibly sell them) and the trader is interested in buying and selling several types of coins frequently (including trading one for another) with the purpose of gaining in their volatility.

In the case of the beginning investor, it is possible to find people who do not even have the knowledge needed to use simpler platforms. The vast majority of Brazilian Exchanges have a simplified market panel, but still market, and it does not get better abroad. Anyone who just wants to "buy bitcoins," for example, should at least understand what a purchase order is and know that there is a book of offers.

We solve the situation with a set of assistants that guides the user in procedures within the network step by step.

On the other hand, the beginning trader in general is a user who already masters the exchange platform, knowing how to create all sorts of order, such as renting funds or leveraging. However, the beginning trader fails to know the market dominance itself and the knowledge to make business decisions such as, is this the best time to trade Bitcoins? Is there another better currency? When should I close my position? When should I use a stop-loss order?

This group’s information sources are tips collected on social networks and blogs specialized in technical analysis that is clearly aimed at those who already dominate the subject.

At this point, the AmericansBitcoin network social aspect has a fundamental importance and we can highlight some functionalities that solve this problem, as the users’ timeline, and the currencies timeline, in which we discuss the trends and explain analyzes. In addition, of course, Cryptoversity, where it is possible to learn in depth how to interpret and even accomplish technical analysis.  

Accordingly, SyncTrader is a functionality that meets both beginners profiles, since it allows the investor to make an investment betting on the performance of a leading trader, making a profit from it, as well as allowing the beginning trader to learn how the most experienced trader moves in the market, when to open or close positions and what resources to use. To make use of  SyncTrader, simply select a leading trader to follow, based on his performance and risk assessment, select an amount to invest and the network does the rest, proportionally synchronizing the trades.

Innovation for the experienced trader

If beginners find it difficult to invest in cryptocurrencies, experienced traders have already surpassed this phase. Their demand is for increasingly complex services, less limitations, better support, more agility (in transactions, withdrawals, etc.) and reduction of fees and commissions, which may represent a relevant value for those who deal large volumes.

Our range of solutions for this profile includes:

The section on exchange herein explains more about these solutions. However, we are not only solving problems, but also introducing innovations that will be welcomed by negotiators like SyncTrader. 

The SyncTrader system allows the traders whose performance stands out within the network to make their profile available to be synchronized by other users. This means that all operations that this trader performs will be replicated in the followers accounts (more details in the section below). It ensures extra income for the leading trader, who receives commission on his followers’ profits.

The Influencer in cryptocurrencies also find on the AmericansBitcoin network a favorable place to stand out, since the cryptocurrency is the main interest of those who participate. The experts can contribute by sharing their knowledge, accumulating followers by means of timeline posts and a blog area with tools for creating long, illustrated articles.

Solutions for merchants and consumers

In general, the adoption of  cryptocurrencies on daily basis is halted both by technical factors and by delays in transactions and fees for the consumer, as a lack of knowledge of the community as a whole. In order to accelerate this adoption, the AmericansBitcoin network offers an integrated payment system that allows instant, no-fee transactions.

It is essential to note one important difference to the other payment solutions. In general, they are focused only on the merchants allowing them to receive payments in cryptocurrencies; however, it is not an easy task to the consumer. For example, the consumer is the responsible for the mining fees payment when paying for a product.

The AmericansBitcoin network differential is precisely to offer a payment network, including both the merchant and the consumer. Just as in credit card networks, in which the merchant and the consumer are part of the same network (one for accepting the card, the other for having it).

There are still more advantages to the merchant such as easiness to convert the amounts received to currency that can be done instantly, or invest in the market.

A prominent area for merchants within the network also helps to solve another current problem: the difficulty in finding establishments that accept cryptocurrencies. On the network, it will be possible to find online establishments or nearby local trades, all in one big vitrine.

Besides, the smart contracts platform is another major innovation for the consumer of products and services, which eases the creation of service payment contracts between the parties, among other functions.

In the following sections, there will be details about the modules that make up the AmericansBitcoin network.


The AmericansBitcoin network exchange module offers advanced trading features while at the same time provides the liquidity basis for assistant functionalities in purchase and sale as well as in the payment system.

In general, the exchange module and the social networking module come together to offer the social trading modality, a concept of more than 10 years that only now emerges in the cryptocurrency trader community. Both modules were designed from the ground up to maximize the social trading experience through functionalities like currency profile page, integrated chat on the trade panel and SyncTrader.

Order Types

In addition to the traditional market and limit order types, the exchange offers more powerful order types, such as:

The stop orders are mandatory to generate stop loss conditions, in which a possible loss is minimized by well-placed stop orders. The Stop-limit orders work as stop orders, but while the former execute as market orders, the stop-limit executes as a limit order, with a set price.

However, the higher order power is represented by automated order-cancel-order (OCO) and order-send-order (OSO) orders. This type of control allows an order, when executed, to cancel (OCO) or create (OSO) another order(s), allowing bracketing and other techniques.

In combination, these order types allow the control level that experienced traders need.

Cryptocurrency rental

The cryptocurrencies rent works like this: instead of keeping your cryptocurrencies stopped, the investor can make them available for rent by traders who wish to carry out operations of short (sale without having the cryptocurrency).

Short positions occur when the trader bets on cryptocurrencies price fall and decides to sell them, to repurchase later at a lower price. The experienced traders can choose to sell cryptocurrencies that they do not own, renting from whom owns them. At the end of the transaction, the trader repurchases at possibly a lower price and returns the rent, paying a small interest.

This way, it is a good option for the investors to make income from their cryptocurrencies that are stopped and for the experienced trader, offers the possibility of trading in short positions.


The leverage is a powerful functionality in the hands of the experienced trader, since it allows long positions to be open with borrowed funds from the network, multiplying the gain in many times.

In a purchase transaction with a 5x leverage, for example, the trader can buy $ 50,000.00 in cryptocurrencies by investing only $ 10,000.00. At the end of the operation, he sells the coins and returns the $ 40,000.00 used for leverage, getting the profit, which was 5x higher than it would have been if he had invested only the $ 10,000.00, without leverage.


In addition to following the best dealers on the social network, in order not to miss any tip or another important consideration posted by them, you can synchronize your wallet to replicate automatically all trades you have made and take a ride on your gains.

SyncTrader is the name of the AmericansBitcoin network copy-trading implementation. This technique is simple to use and brings benefits to both sides, that is, to the follower and to the leader trader who is followed.

The process is simple for those who will follow and it starts by selecting a leading trader. This is set by observing the leading trader performance and risk score, with the performance measured as a percentage of gain earned during the last months. After that, the user creates a SyncBox, in which he allocates a certain amount of his funds, determines security conditions, and associates with the leading trader, starting the synchronization process.

The funds allocated will be used to obtain a portfolio that mirrors the leading trader positions who has been followed, and the values ​​are calculated proportionally. From that moment on, all trades performed by the leading trader will be replicated to the funds allocated on the SyncBox.

At any time, it is possible to close SyncTrader, when consequently, the positions are closed and the profit is calculated, then the leading trader receives a certain percentage of the profit obtained as a commission.

Note that this mode allows a gain beyond the usual profit for the leading trader. The best traders can collect many followers, generating relevant gains. Moreover, followers are likely to earn a safer gain than trying to invest on their own. Both win.

Another SyncTrader effect is that the experienced leading traders will still count on their followers’ investments amount in their favor, since they mirror their operations multiplying the impact in the markets in which they operate.


Multiple actions within the network provide assistants that guide less experienced users in the process performance. The assistants enable the user to perform relatively complex tasks in a sequence of simple steps.

This type of functionality has eased (in some cases, made it possible) the use of computerized applications and systems by lay people. Bringing to mind that, in this context, the user can be a layperson not only in the use of the tool, but also in the concept of cryptocurrencies.

Examples of assistants:

1. Purchase and sale assistant: guides the user who wants to buy or sell cryptocurrencies throughout the steps of the process. When buying, for example, the user will be guided from the currency deposit, through the choice of the cryptocurrency to be bought, until the withdrawal of the value obtained to a proper wallet, if the user so wishes.

2. Investment assistant: By surveying the investment objective, user profile, and other information, this assistant helps the user to select leading traders whose performance and risk factors are in alignment to use with the SyncTrader functionality. The assistant also helps the user to scale the amount of funds to deposit on the SyncBox and decide the best safety range.

3. Cash Conversion assistant: Related to the payment system, helps the merchants to make the best decision on how to convert the cryptocurrencies received into currency in order to maximize their gain. Among other things, it allows the comparison between the amount receivable and the amount the merchant would have received if he had sold by currency.

Virtual Trader

The VirtualTrader is an isolated trading environment that reflects the real market, however the trader invests with virtual funds.

This functionality is important for the beginning trader to experiment and learn about the market movements before moving on to the real trading.

Another VirtualTrader utility is to enable the experienced trader to test higher risk scenarios by making the necessary adjustments to his strategy before putting it into practice in the real market.

Open Banking

The integration with the emerging open banking systems, with the help of qualified partners, enables deposits and withdrawals approvals in record time.

Open banking can be understood as an opening of data by banks through communication channels (public APIs) that partners can access, allowing,  for example, automated real-time verification of our customers’ deposits.

Even before the full integration with open banking (which depends on third parties and the banks themselves) we intend to have semi-automated processes, as far as possible, available from banking systems.

KYC / AML (know your client / anti money laundering)

A well-implemented KYC policy ensures that our operation stays in line with the country’s current legislation regarding this issue. Rather than complying with legislation, it is our commitment that funds obtained through operations on the network are not used for illicit purposes.

We do not prevent users with incomplete register to negotiate; we only impose limits, which we remove as the user completes the necessary register information.

The network members can still check, on a specific area, all the information we have about them, typed data, sent documents as well as information collected automatically, such as their location.

Differentiated commission amount

Besides having a low value in the domestic market, the Exchange commission is reduced according to the volume traded. Those who negotiate more pay less, reaching commissions of around 0.2%.

Social network

The social network is AmericansBitcoin’s core aspect, being the base and link between all other modules.

Similar in its operation to networks already considered benchmarks, it has a Timeline, a possibility to follow other users and interact via comments, shares, likes or even by private messages.

It has important advantages over generic platforms:

1. By having KYC system, it is a network without fake profiles, where everyone has an identified profile and you know you are following the real person or trade;

2. Its members share the same focal point, which is the market and the use of cryptocurrencies;

3. Encourages interactions amongst members who help to grow as traders. Following leading traders, beginners get better informed and can make better investment decisions.

4. By observing the actions of others and participating in the discussions, it helps to make better-informed decisions by the effect of "wisdom of the crowd".


On this communication and information environment, users can receive news from other users and post their opinions, discuss trends and share all kinds of information with the rest of the community.

The timeline offers a fast and effective way of communicating with a large number of people at the same time, being an ideal tool for influencers.

It also offers easiness in sharing results from operations such as closing a position at a profit. The leading traders can use this functionality to publicize their good performance and get investors to SyncTrader.

Private Messages

The communication amongst the network members is encouraged on the post comments, with the participation of the whole community. However, for one-to-one, private communication, a direct messaging tool amongst users is available.

With this tool, it is possible to exchange information instantly, to align strategies in real time with the user’s investment partners in private groups, as well.

To streamline the communication, this tool has an integrated chat module on the trade panel.

News aggregator (blogs)

Although the AmericansBitcoin network generates and flows much information, it is clear that a large portion of the news about cryptocurrencies is circulating outside it, especially on specialized blogs.

For this reason, the network also has a blog news aggregator, which can be customized with the blogs of the user’s interest (as long as they are compatible with the system and this really includes almost all). Thus, when accessing the network, the user has his/her "newspaper" with the latest news from the blogs that he/she follows.

Coin profile page

The same way as each user has a profile page on the network, each coin has a profile page that is also the entry point to the market.

On this page, there will be information such as:

Here it is possible to find options to buy and sell, including access to the purchase and sale assistant as well as the access to the Exchange's advanced trade area.

In addition to the above options, there is also the possibility of following the coin, receiving all the posts related to it on the user’s timeline

Reputation system

Besides being a social network with KYC, where people are who they claim to be, without fake profiles, the AmericansBitcoin network has a reputation system embedded in several user interaction points. This system allows the user evaluations by assigning a reputation grade similar to a star rating on sales sites.

These are examples of points where the reputation system is present:

In the specific interactions in which the system is embedded, there is the option to evaluate how the other party's conduct has been. This accounts for a better or worse reputation that in turn appears on each user's profile.


Our payment system, an integrated part of the AmericansBitcoin network, allows instant, zero-rate transactions for the consumer and low rates for the merchant.

Off chain Payments

Indubitably, the platform also accepts off chain payments from any cryptocurrency wallets. In this way, the merchant can accept cryptocurrencies from every consumer, leaving no customer out.

However, in this case, the transaction is subject to the mining rate and we have the blockchain normal operation delay.


It has never been easier to find commercial establishments that accept cryptocurrencies.

The AmericansBitcoin network offers a large merchants vitrine, which gives them greater exposure as well as the easiness for consumers to find them. This includes the local commercial establishments close to your location.

Point of Sales Module

The possibility of use by local, face-to-face commercial establishments is also a differential at a time when the vast majority of solutions are focused on online trading.

Offering a module to be used at the point of sale, we facilitate the conversion of the amount payable to cryptocurrencies, the verification of the present valuation and even the generation of payment requests for the customer who simply confirm the operation by touching the screen of his/her smartphone in order to accomplish the payment.

For online commerce (e-commerce), an integrated module is available with the already existing payment systems as well as integration support.

Cashier Conversion Assistant

The cashier conversion assistant simplifies the conversion of the crypto-coins received to currency. In its simplest operation mode, the merchant only indicates that the payments should be converted immediately to the currency so that for each value received a market order is executed and the currency value credited to the account, ready for withdrawal.

In addition, it is possible to keep the cryptocurrencies received and convert them later, perhaps by taking advantage of the price variation. To help in this process, the assistant clearly shows what currency value would have been received with the sales, comparing to the amount to be received in the conversion, indicating whether there will be gain or loss. Moreover, the assistant may issue a warning to the merchant instructing him/her when the quote is in his/her favor.

Special Offers

In order to foster payment with cryptocurrencies, we have a system of special offers in which merchants can choose to participate.

The participants agree to offer certain discounts during a term in exchange for being on a stand out area on the merchant vitrine offered by the system as well as having free ads posted on the network during the period.

The discounts are given for paid purchases with cryptocurrencies, including our token.


In the world of currencies and negotiations, we must not forget that knowledge is also an important asset. It is only through appropriate knowledge that an investor obtains success, especially in an innovative and not fully prospected market such as the cryptocurrency markets.

Keeping this in mind, the AmericansBitcoin network offers an area aimed at providing content about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, investment strategies and related topics, created and evaluated by the community

Articles and blog

Every network user can post articles and thus make up a personal blog, accessible from his/her profile page or directly through the Cryptoversity articles area.

It is possible to create complex articles such as technical analysis, incorporating images, videos, graphics and other types of media.


The course creation tool allows developing complete courses organized in lessons which contents can be textual, video or audio.

The courses can also have evaluations with multiple-choice question, providing certificates of participation, as well.

Both articles and courses can be free or monetized.

Community evaluation

The content provided is subject to community assessment and the best evaluated ones get outstanding positions, which helps new members find material that is more relevant.

To encourage users to evaluate the contents after consuming them, we reward helpful evaluations with our token.

Cryptoversity, in this way, offers not only important content for those who want to deepen their knowledge but also a way of getting an extra profit for whom owns the information and knows how to present it the best way possible.

Smart Contracts

The smart contracts are digital contracts in which the terms are written in lines of code, similar to a computer program. This code is stored in a distributed blockchain network and is traceable, transparent and irreversible, with automatic execution.

In this way, the smart contracts allow reliable transactions and agreements between the parties (even if they are anonymous to one another), without the need for a mediator, legal system or other execution mechanism other than the blockchain network itself.

Difficulty: the need for programming

Although these features turn the smart contracts interesting and suited to various everyday situations, their use is still very restricted due mainly to one important aspect: the difficulty of creation.

As they are based on a programming code, strictly speaking, it is necessary to have specialized technical knowledge to create a smart contract. There are solutions to automate the process, but there are few contract options available and none of them in Brazil.

Solution: Templates ready for use

The AmericansBitcoin network smart contracts service is based on contract templates ready for use compatible with the blockchain Ethereum, organized in an assorted library with dozens of options.

The creation of a contract, within the network, consists of selecting the model according to the desired function (a contract of will, for example) and filling out a form with the necessary information. Or else, use the assistant interface, which guides the user step by step in the creation. Once the information has been created and reviewed, the contract is executed and becomes effective on the blockchain.

Everything is done and managed within the AmericansBitcoin network, through the network access credentials. For greater control, whoever wishes can indicate an external Ethereum wallet to be the contract controlling company

The execution of smart contracts (regardless of how they are created) has a cost charged by the blockchain Ethereum. On AmericansBitcoin network, it is possible to pay this cost with our token.

Contract market

In addition to the contracts offered on the AmericansBitcoin network standard library, there is also the contract market. On this space, third parties can offer contract templates for the network users, free or payable.

This market offers two main advantages:

The smart contracts available on the contract market are evaluated by the internal AmericansBitcoin’s team to guarantee their quality. Its creators, as a direct result of KYC's network policy, will be clearly identified.

International credit card

We offer the exclusive AmericansBitcoin International Credit Card, with which it is possible to withdraw the user’s funds from the network, including the part that is in cryptocurrencies. It is a withdrawal convenience for traders.

This direct withdrawal form, coupled with the deposit modalities as a bank billet, allows even the public who does not have a bank account to use the Exchange services. It is important to remember that Brazil is one of the 10 countries with more adults without a bank account.

In addition, the card gives the possibility of using the cryptocurrencies balance in establishments that do not accept this type of payment yet. This is an important step towards our vision accomplishment of the global adoption of cryptocurrencies as a common payment form, consequently taking the cryptocurrencies to everyone.  

Community opinion

We also have an area dedicated to public opinion as well as voting for facilities within the network itself. Those who have our token can participate in these decisions.

Policy for adding new currencies and functionalities

The AmericansBitcoin network recognizes that every currency pair added to the Exchange must have value to the community, after all,  this coin that will negotiate and make the pair have liquidity or not.

Therefore, it would not make any sense to decide by ourselves which currencies to add to each network update, so we are effective to consult the community need.

Forks and airdrops policy

Although it is not possible to predict accurately the details of each fork or airdrop, we underline our commitment with the transparency. Once we notice events of this type, we will publish, on a specific network area, our possible procedures, naturally open to suggestions from the community. We believe that we can always find the best solution for each case.

Smart indication plan

Our indication plan offers an additional way to get bonus to influencers and people with good networking. In this case, the more members outside the AmericansBitcoin network the user brings the more awards he/she will get.

Whoever indicates people to the network, earns a percentage of the commission generated by their trades. This bonus is limited to 5 nominated people.

Here is the smart part: Once nominating more than 5 people, our system automatically selects the 5 most "profitable" ones, that is, those who negotiate the highest amounts, thus maximizing the bonus. The system rewards the quality and not the quantity of indications.

People who are automatically indicated follow who indicated them: their nominated people become their followers automatically.

It is important to emphasize that this type of program, already used on a large scale by different sectors of the economy (think about affiliate links distributed on Youtube or other networks) has nothing to do with multilevel marketing mechanisms or the infamous “pyramids”.

The gain of the person who indicates is only about the people that he/she directly indicated and with limitation on the quantity.

Infrastructure and security

Every online service in charge of handling user funds has the responsibility to be as safe as possible. In recent years, security breaches have been widespread, resulting in loss of user’s money from exchanges and millions of cryptocurrencies related services.

The AmericansBitcoin network started from the ground up always having the security in mind. For this, we have adopted practices such as:

Cold wallet fund storage

Considering that the network deals with large amounts of cryptocurrencies, it is important to have a cold wallet system (cold storage), which keeps the funds safe off-line.

Keeping all funds in cold wallets is not practical, since it really delays withdrawals and increases mining rates (because there is the need for more transactions). Therefore, we have used a hybrid system, combining hot wallets and cold wallets, with a split of approximately 2% of the funds in hot wallets in order to process withdrawals immediately and the remaining (98%) in cold wallets.

The percentages above may vary slightly throughout the use of the system, maintaining an adequate level as withdrawals and deposits are made.

The cold wallets have private, multi-signed keys that are created offline with a strong safety policy, effectively eliminating unauthorized access to funds.

Balance sanity verification

A real-time funds verification is made by comparing the value stored on the network hot wallets and the balance value stored in redundant internal databases to ensure no discrepancies.

An attacker's access to one of these wallets is highly improbable, but in case of occurrence, the balance verification identifies, in the shortest time possible, any anomaly and blocks or transfers the funds to another location.

Multiple Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a requirement for users who have funds on the network since without having at least a second authentication factor the security of an online account is seriously reduced.

The second recommended authentication factor is via security code created through a mobile application, such as Google Authenticator.

In addition, other factors can be configured in the account, such as a PIN (personal identification number) requirement as well as a confirmation by e-mail. By activating all these factors, we have intruder-proof accounts and complete security for withdrawal, payment operations or even for the opening of purchase and sale orders on the Exchange.

Own development

The network development is carried out internally, with our own staff. This way of working ensures security, agility on the platform upgrades, and troubleshooting.

It also ensures that the future of the platform is under the control of both AmericansBitcoin and its users, since internal development provides the flexibility to target the project, accordingly to the community needs.

Technical support structure

An optimized support structure, using modern tools aligned with SAC 2.0 concepts will ensure that users have their doubts resolved as effectively as possible within the shortest time.

In addition to traditional channels, a real-time online support channel is available via chat accessible at 24/7/365. On this channel, the user talks to a real person, not to a robot and has his/her technical issues resolved in a few minutes.

Token (AMEC)

AMEC is our cryptographic token, created on the Ethereum platform. It will be distributed at a Token Generation event to whom contributes for the AmericansBitcoin network project, as described herein.

Token Information

Number of tokens:         400,000,000 AMEC

Token Value:                 0.00025 ETH

Hard cap:                 $ 16,000,000

What are the advantages of owning AMECs?

The AMEC token was created to be useful within the AmericansBitcoin network in a number of ways, some of which are exemplified below. In this line of utility, new uses will be assigned to it as functionalities are implemented.

Who owns AMEC tokens can use them, among other things:

1. To become a leading trader on SyncTrader, that is, become available for synchronization by other traders;

2. To start a synchronized operation with a leading trader;

3. To promote his/her posts and articles;

4. To hire space and time to expose ads on the network;

5. To obtain specialized content (articles, courses) at a discount on Cryptoversity;

6. To obtain products and services at a discount in designated merchants;

7. To obtain products and services in every establishment, through the AmericansBitcoin credit card;

8. To create and run smart contracts;

9. To get progressive discounts on commissions. In this case, the discount is given according to the amount of tokens that the user has (hold) and can reach 100%;

10. To use in the payment of commissions and other transaction fees, as withdrawals. In this case, there is no discount: it is possible to pay the commission in full with tokens;

11. To have the right to vote in the consultations to the community on the specific area within the network.

In addition to the above uses by AMEC owners, the network itself will use the tokens in various purposes, such as bonus to reward users for actions within the network. For example, rewarding contributors for evaluating the Cryptoversity content or merchants.


AmericansBitcoin has a motivated team to build an innovative network and take another step to the evolution of this market. This is a bold project with the expectation of completing all modules in just over a year and a half.

Although the development is already in full swing, with the social networking and Exchange modules in progress, the complete roadmap requires an investment up to its importance. As a result, AmericansBitcoin will raise funds through contributions by means of this ICO.

We will announce the dates of the pre-ICO and ICO phases soon. Until then, everyone interested should register on the site to be informed about the launch.

How to contribute?

You contribute by purchasing AMEC tokens on our website There, you will find detailed instructions.

Contributing before, you get a higher bonus.


Prior to ICO, we will have a phase for major investors who seek out a large token purchase with the highest possible bonus.

During pre-ICO, we have a 50% bonus and it is only possible to contribute by acquiring allotments of at least 40,000 tokens.


At this stage, the minimum contribution is reduced to 400 tokens.

At this point, we have a division in 5 stages, each one has a determined duration and a different bonus value, however in the 5th and last step there is no bonus.

ICO Stages




80 M




40 M




40 M




40 M




40 M




40 M



Advantages for major contributors

The contributors who purchase at least 40,000 tokens as well as all contributors to the pre-ICO phase, will have the following advantages:

1. Lifetime discount on the Exchange commission. The discount is proportional to the contribution amount.

2. To be pre-qualified to participate in the closed network BETA phase (filling vacancies by order of value and date).

3. If you are a trader, we will evaluate your profile and may already qualify you to be a leading trader on SyncTrader.

Token allocation

Contributions: amount of tokens that will be distributed to the community in recognition of their contributions.

Bonus: amount reserved to cover the additional tokens distributed according to the bonus of each stage.

Rewards: quantity of tokens to be distributed in the ICO marketing actions.

Team and advisors: Amount allocated to founders, development team and project advisors.

Token blocking plan for team and advisors

The tokens allocated to the team are blocked according to the schedule below:


Lockout time


6 months


12 months


18 months


24 months

Fund Distribution

Distribution and burning policy

Once the capitalization reaches the specified hard cap, the remaining tokens will be burned[2] (destroyed), with the exception of the 10% reserved for the AmericansBitcoin’s team. We explain the division of tokens in further sections here in.

The tokens distributed by means of contribution will be registered on AmericansBitcoin's own system and the participants will be able to check their balance on the restricted area. At the Exchange launch, all participant accounts will migrate to accounts on the AmericansBitcoin network, and the balance of tokens transferred to the new account, where it can be used within the network, including traded in the market.

The requests for early withdrawal of tokens will be reviewed. Please, if you wish to withdraw your tokens before the Exchange launch, contact us through the form available on the ICO website restricted area.


The stages of our roadmap will be announced shortly after ICO's official announcement.


From the ICO launch on and during all our market activity, we will have a strong presence on the largest social networks, in which the community will be aware of each step of the project.

Through our transparency policy, we also offer an area in which all participants who contributed to ICO may have access to information such as:

Our presence on social networks

  1. Telegram:
  2. Facebook:
  3. Twitter:
  4. LinkedIn:
  5. Instagram:
  6. Youtube:
  7. Medium:
  8. Reddit:
  9. BitcoinTalk:
  10. GitHub:
  11. Google+:
  12. Tumbler:

Contact and pre-release support

The support during the ICO phase can be obtained on the social networks mentioned above and by e-mail: There is also a contact form on the private area, accessible to those who registered, in order to provide an agile support to those that have contributed.

Our team

Auvrahy Barão

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Luiz Nörnberg

CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

Paulo Diehl Franco

CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

Everton S. Silva

COO (Chief Operation Officer)

Renan Hartwig

Software engineer

Anderson Freitas

Software developer

Aline Nörnberg

Software Quality Manager

Thiago Vernetti

Front-End Developer

Ronei Dorneles Machado

Marketing and Branding Manager


AIRDROPS – This term means the free distribution of currencies, randomly, amongst the users of a blockchain. They are usually promoted by startups or due to forks on the blockchain.

BITCOIN - Name of a cryptocurrency considered the first in the world of this type, responsible for the free banking system resurgence.

BLOCKCHAIN ​​- It is a technology that uses decentralization and encryption as security against improper changes (it is immutable). It is a chaining block system that each one must be consistent with all previous ones. It is the basis for crypto-coins.

COPY TRADING - A technique that allows traders to copy automatically open positions managed by other traders.

ERC20 - Standardized smart contract on the Ethereum network.

ETHEREUM - The Ether currency (ETH) is based on this blokchain that is known for its flexibility and possibility it offers for creating smart contracts, including new coin creation.

EXCHANGE – The platform that mediates the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies.

FORK –A branch that happens when a developer (or a group of developers) initiates a project based on another without suspending the original one. In this case, we refer to blockchain projects, as the Ethereum network example, which is a fork, that is, derived from the original network, now named Ethereum Classic.

ICO - Initial Coin Offering, or initial money offer, consists of a fundraising campaign to finance a particular project. In exchange for their contribution, ICO participants receive cryptographic tokens (similar to virtual currencies) that generally have some practical application in the project.

INFLUENCER - A person who stands out for the production of content and ability to engage a large number of "followers" (or fans) in certain segments, such as the internet.

KYC (Know Your Client) / AML (Anti Money Laundering) - Security policies regarding the  customers that are implemented by institutions, for instance banks and exchanges to minimize or avoid transactions that can be used to finance corruption, terrorism, drug trade and other illicit activities.

CRYPTOCURRENCY - Virtual asset based on encryption stored on a blockchain network, where the transactions are immutable and usually anonymous. It can be used as a form of peer-to-peer payment, even between borders, since no institution regulates it.

SMART CONTRACT - Smart contract programmatically created on a blockchain, usually the Ethereum one. It has the same objective of paper contracts, however it does not need intermediaries to take effect as they have automatic execution and are immutable and secure on the blockchain.

CRYPTOGRAPHIC TOKEN – A virtual asset based on cryptography, like a cryptocurrency, which is used to access goods and services on the platform that emits them. It is usually created in events for start-up projects of such platforms as a form of fundraising.

TRADER – A person engaged in trading (purchase and sale) of financial instruments in stock markets, derivatives, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

HOT WALLET – It refers to an online storage of the key access to a cryptocurrency balance, either on cloud services or on devices connected to the internet.

COLD WALLET – It refers to an off-line storage of the key access to a cryptocurrency balance, either via paper registration (or other media) or specialized device storage, called a hard wallet. They offer greater security compared to hot wallets since they are not connected to the internet and thus less vulnerable to hacker attacks.

WISDOM OF THE CROWD - The concept of "Wisdom of the Crowd" emerged in a book published by James Surowiecki in 2004. Entitled "The Wisdom of the Crowd," he emphasized that the best decisions are not made alone, but in groups.        


[2] We will also have quarterly burns.